SHENMAO America, Inc. is proud to introduce its latest breakthrough in soldering technology, the PF606-P276 Ultra-Low Void No-Clean Zero-Halogen Lead-Free Solder Paste. With its exceptional performance, eco-friendly attributes, and adaptability to a wide range of applications, PF606-P276 boasts a series of remarkable features and benefits that set it apart from conventional solder pastes.

PF606-P276 offers superior void performance achieved through special activators, making it the preferred choice for high-reliability soldering applications. This solder paste is halogen-free (ROL0) and fully compliant with international environmental standards like RoHS, RoHS 2.0, and REACH, underscoring its eco-friendly credentials.

Additionally, PF606-P276 excels in solderability, ensuring flawless connections in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) processes. Its remarkable wettability characteristics guarantee a uniform soldering process, while its design for high-speed printing optimizes production efficiency. When reliability is of the essence, PF606-P276 shines with its superior solder joint strength and product performance that consistently surpasses expectations.

PF606-P276 is designed for Lead-Free No-Clean Solder Paste, tailored for Surface Mount Technology (SMT) applications. It excels in minimizing gas generation during the reflow process, achieving a void ratio of less than 10% in critical components like MOS and QFN.

This versatile solder paste is suitable for general SMT applications and is particularly well-suited for demanding automotive products with stringent reliability requirements.

SHENMAO’s commitment to innovation and quality is showcased through PF606-P276, as it continues to drive technological advancements in the electronics manufacturing industry. With this new solder paste, SHENMAO offers a solution that ensures high-performance, eco-friendliness, and the reliability required by modern electronics manufacturers.

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