Brooks Automation is pleased to announce plans to exhibit at productronica 2023, scheduled to take place Nov. 14-17 at Neue Messe München in Munich, Germany. The company will showcase the PreciseFlex™ 3400 Collaborative Robot featuring fully-integrated Servo Gripper with Embedded Vision in collaboration with Digitaltest GmbH in Hall A1, Stand 424.

In close collaboration with Digitaltest and ATX Hardware, Brooks Automation has developed an innovative autonomous test station featuring the Brooks PreciseFlex™ 3400 Collaborative Robot.

In the dynamic landscape of automation, collaborative robots (known as “cobots”) have emerged as a transformative solution, facilitating safe interaction between humans and machines. However, the journey towards harnessing the full potential of this technology often encounters barriers tied to deployment intricacies and support complexities. Brooks Automation has addressed these challenges with the PreciseFlex 3400 Collaborative Robot.

The PreciseFlex 3400 is a four-axis SCARA collaborative robot and is used for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) testing and handling. This design ensures safety without sacrificing throughput, establishing the PreciseFlex 3400 as the optimal collaborative robot for PCBA testing and handling.

By automating the loading and unloading of electronics test equipment, the PreciseFlex 3400 is addressing challenges with automating PCBA testing. This innovation liberates skilled workers, significantly reducing repetitive stress injuries and enabling them to focus on higher-value tasks. Designed to work harmoniously alongside human operators, PreciseFlex cobots facilitate swift deployment and efficient space utilization. The innovative configuration includes a tall vertical axis, granting the ability to access vertically stacked testers and optimizing floor space.

The optional Servo Gripper and Collaborative Linear Rail seamlessly complement the PreciseFlex cobots, streamlining deployment while conserving time and resources. These enhancements further reinforce Brooks Automation’s position as an industry pioneer, delivering products that empower diverse industries. The PreciseFlex cobots serve as a game-changing technology, perfectly suited for various applications, including In-Circuit Testing (ICT), Functional Testing, Environmental Testing, and Burn-In Testing.

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