SMarTsol Technologies, a technical services and equipment provider for Mexico and the US, will exhibit in two booths at the 2023 IPC APEX EXPO, scheduled to take place Jan. 24-26, 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

With strong territory expansion and growth in its solutions portfolio, SMarTsol needed two booths this year:

Booth #2123 will showcase capital equipment, including PBT Works’ HyperSWASH and MiniSWASH, ELITE Automation Router Machine, Interflux Selective Fluxer, R-TEK Laser Marking Machine, Nordson Quadra 7 and FX-940 AOI, TM Robot collaborative robots and ILJIN Handling solutions.

At Booth 3051, they will display the SMarTsol Tabletop soldering robot and Handling solutions, as well as Optics Solutions and Magazines, TM Robot collaborative robots, and QUICK Dispensing and Screwing robots, Soldering stations and Selective Soldering.

From Nordson TEST & INSPECTION, the company will display the Quadra™ 7 X-ray Inspection system, M2 AOI System and introduce the all-new FX-950UV Dual-Side AOI system. Nordson TEST & INSPECTION offers a robust product portfolio, including AXI and MIX, including component counting, Acoustic, and optical.

On the cleaning side, SMarTsol will showcase PBT Works’ HyperSWASH III high-end cleaning system and MiniSWASH III budget-friendly cleaning system. PBT Works ranks among the world’s most well-known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling. The company has a strong design and development team that keeps up with necessary process innovations in microelectronic assembly

SMarTsol also will display its own tabletop soldering robot, handling solutions, Elite ER7000SS router, laser marking machine for PCBA, selective soldering machine and more.

The 4-Axis Soldering Robot offers the fastest return on investment in the industry and features the best design for the control process. Additionally, it comes as standard with a 200W programmable heating controller, process monitoring camera, programmable fiducial alignment, selectable soldering tip cleaner, tip position self-adjustment, and a safety cover with light curtain and tower.

With direct personnel as well as distribution and demonstration centers in Guadalajara, Cd. Juárez, Tijuana, Monterrey and Queretaro, and a warehouse in El Paso, TX, the company is equipped to offer fast response times and quality service. SMarTsol has additional support staff in Reynosa, Monterrey and Chihuahua.

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