As a fast-growing broader intelligent equipment solution provider, I.C.T team has been deeply involved in the industry for many years and has accumulated experience in the development process of the Asian electronics manufacturing industry. While providing hardware, we also provide full technical support and services. We are willing to share more experiences with the growing market to help the development and upgrade of the local market and customers. We have contributed to the development of customers in semiconductor, biomedical, industrial control, automotive electronics, aerospace, smart display, consumer electronics and other industries.

With the global industrial transformation, I.C.T entering Industry 4.0 intelligent MES system management helps customers improve production efficiency, shorten production cycle, and achieve comprehensive scientific traceability management, so as to quickly respond to market changes and enhance core competitiveness.

In-depth cooperation with JUKI India, which is an arm of JUKI Corporation, has shown strong synergies over the last 7 years, and the number of customers we cooperate with has exceeded 100 and will continue to increase.

In European and American markets, we also have many long-term partners, such as SMT World Wide, CORE-emt A/S, SMPLEX, NECTEN, Universal Pribor, SMTVYS, SIGMA, and PLATTEC.

I.C.T will be your most reliable SMT partner!!

We can provide the appropriate, complete SMT solution, DIP Solution and Coating Solution with the best quality and service.

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