Essemtec presents the unique All-In-One platform for dispensing and pick-an-place for the electronics manufacturing at SMTAI, MN Booth 1137, November 2nd – 3rd November.

Essemtec, a Nano Dimension division, is a Swiss technology company with global presence, which develops and manufactures high-tech solutions for the worldwide electronic assembly sector. Essemtec leads the industry in adaptive SMT Pick & Place and Dispensing equipment. Our solutions are unique and feature customized approaches based on various applications.

In today’s dynamic -economic environment, Time to Market is considered a significant success factor.

A strategy of dynamic and highly flexible vertical integration takes on new significance, especially in the electronics manufacturing industry.

This is not only about assembly, but the entire process chain. The speed of development, delivery and reliability especially in crises situations – together with seamless optimization of process will lead to a decisive competitive advantage.

At SMTAI, Booth 1137, we run live demos on FOX equipment with combined processes:

  • Combined processes with high-speed placement & jet dispensing in single pass-through on one machine
  • Large variety of components, 01005 (imp.) up to 80 x 80 mm, precision ± 45 μm (3σ)
  • Intelligent feeder concept with 200 feeder lanes on 1 sqm, nonstop production and traceability

The All-In-One solution
One platform which allows the combination of three different processes, solder paste jetting, dispensing adhesives and pick & place in one platform is the FOX / PUMA equipment developed by Essemtec. Depending on the application, five valves such as piezo jet, shockwave jet, time-pressure, Archimedes screw valves or volume screw valves are available. It is then possible to equip the machine with single, double or quadruple placement axis modules.

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