Hentec Industries/RPS Automation, a leading manufacturer of selective soldering, lead tinning and solderability test equipment, is pleased to announce that ePAK International has purchased a Photon steam aging system. 

The Photon steam aging system is used for accelerated life testing to simulate elongated storage conditions for high-reliability applications.  These steam aging systems complement the Odyssey component lead tinning machines specifically designed to perform component re-tinning, tin whisker mitigation, gold removal and BGA de-balling for high reliability and military application in accordance with all relevant GEIA-STD-0006, MIL-PRF-38535, MIL-PRF-38524E and ANSI-J-STD-002 standards.  “ePAK International is a longstanding Hentec/RPS customer who have previously purchased two Pulsar solderability test systems and this new Photon steam aging system will complement their lead tinning services,” said Reid Henry, President of Hentec/RPS.

About ePAK International
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, ePAK International offers a full range of semiconductor manufacturing solutions from front end, wafer handling to final packaging for a wide range of worldwide customers.  They have global facilities throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. 

For more information please visit: epak.com

About Hentec Industries
Hentec Industries/RPS Automation is a manufacturer of automated selective soldering, component lead tinning, and solderability test equipment for electronics and electronic component manufacturing, assembly, and distribution.  Hentec/RPS has been advancing automated soldering and lead finishing technology for defense, aerospace, automotive, contract manufacturers and micro-electronics component manufacturers since the early 90’s. All Hentec/RPS products are designed and manufactured in Newman Lake, Washington. 

For more information, please visit us at rpsautomation.com