CalcuQuote was started with the mission of creating a fast, accurate and efficient quoting process for the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry. The primary problem to solve for a long time was sourcing components on the Bill of Material (BOM). Thanks to the work of industry leaders, it is now easier than ever to quickly source the components on your BOM. API based transactions, adopted by the industry’s largest suppliers, have enabled near instant response for BOMs with hundreds of part numbers. 

As part of its drive of continuing to strive for a higher standard of excellence, CalcuQuote is now working on the next evolution of supply chain connectedness: working with “make to order” suppliers such as Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturers.

With hundreds of EMS companies across the globe using the CQ ecosystem process tens of thousands of quotes each month, CalcuQuote is in a unique position to help connect the PCB manufacturers with EMS companies.

As a first step in this journey, CalcuQuote is building a global directory of PCB manufacturers that will be searchable within the CQ ecosystem so you can easily collaborate with your preferred PCB suppliers or discover new partners for a more resilient supply chain.

PCB manufacturers can participate in this directory for free, forever, with the added benefits of showcasing their capabilities, discovering new opportunities and more easily collaborating with their customers.

“We see this as a win-win scenario for the electronics industry,” says Chintan Sutaria, CEO of CalcuQuote. “The whole industry is expected to be faster, more resilient and more efficient. The only way to meet all of those criteria is to reduce the friction of doing business through innovation.” 

Are you a PCB manufacturer? Visit to be a part of this forward thinking global directory. Not a PCB manufacturer, but have someone you’d like to recommend? Visit the above link to refer your contacts who might be interested in this opportunity!

About CalcuQuote
CalcuQuote provides quoting and supply chain software for the EMS industry. With a focus on the future, CalcuQuote improves the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the quoting and supply chain process by optimizing operations and implementing sustainable digital solutions. Founded in 2014, CalcuQuote currently serves over 150 EMS companies and is based in Dallas, Texas.

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