South-Tek Systems thrilled to announce its collaboration with Nitrogen & Compressor Global to supply a comprehensive nitrogen gas system to a valued customer in Texas. Renowned for its mission-critical nitrogen solutions, South-Tek Systems continues to lead the industry by offering customers world-class control and cost efficiency.

The system, spearheaded by a commercial-grade ELGi North America EG 30-125 rotary screw compressor capable of delivering 178 CFM at 125 PSI, is complemented by a South-Tek Systems model 300-610 R134A high-temperature direct expansion refrigerated dryer, ensuring the delivery of dry air to the subsequent stages of the process.

Following air drying, high-quality compressed air is introduced to the South-Tek Systems Mission-Critical N2 Gen 270S-T nitrogen generator. Part of South-Tek Systems’ N2 Gen series of PSA nitrogen generators, the 270S-T model is engineered to produce nitrogen with purities ranging from 95-99.999%, tailored to meet customer specifications for a wide range of flow rates.

The system is further bolstered by the inclusion of a high-performance booster, capable of delivering pressures of up to 5000 PSI and producing between 24.1 to 16 CFM. This booster is equipped with state-of-the-art features, including Poly-V belt power technology, a sophisticated controller, a premium motor, an IP 55 Electrical Panel, and dual control functionality. Designed to meet the stringent demands of industries necessitating medium-pressure nitrogen in continuous production environments, this booster enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the nitrogen gas system.

“We are excited to partner with Nitrogen & Compressor Global to deliver yet another cutting-edge nitrogen gas system,” said Greg Pope, Market Segment Leader-Industrial at South-Tek Systems. “Our mission-critical nitrogen solutions empower customers with greater control and cost efficiency, ensuring optimal performance in their operations.”

South-Tek Systems’ expertise in nitrogen generation combined with Nitrogen & Compressor Global’s industry knowledge and customer-centric approach enables the seamless integration of state-of-the-art nitrogen systems, providing customers with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

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