The market for press-fit components for electronic assemblies is growing continuously. For a long time, connectors and pins were the predominant components in this connection technology, but now classic components such as inductors, power semiconductors, relays and even electrolytic capacitors are increasingly conquering the market.

There are reasons for this, as press-fitting offers several advantages over soldering: Even more reliable connections, shorter cycle times during production, no additional heat load on the assembly, no flux residue on the assembly. The elimination of nitrogen gassing and significantly lower energy consumption are also advantages of press-fit technology. However, this also increases the demands on the PCB, for example with regard to tolerances for the diameter of metallized vias.

The Ersa VERSAFIT 500 is an effective and highly flexible inline system that can massively increase competitiveness in electronics production using press-fit technology. It can significantly reduce production costs and improve component quality. At the heart of the system is the servo-electric press cylinder, which can be used to precisely control and monitor the force and path. The assemblies are positioned under the pressing tool using a high-precision x/y table, which also acts as a transport system for the assemblies.

In order to meet the requirements for high flexibility, the VERSAFIT 500 has a magazine for a wide variety of press-fit tools. The user defines the tool change and its selection and orientation, as well as the associated process parameters, in the control program. The programs are selected and activated by coding the assembly or the workpiece carrier.

Programming is based on the proven CAD Assistant 4 of the VERSAFLOW series. The position of the components on the assembly determines the positioning of the x/y table under the press cylinder. The number of pins per component and the geometry of the press-fit zones result in the press force, which is recorded as a function of the punch path to produce the force-displacement diagram of the component. The process is monitored via envelope curves with selectable tolerance fields in the force-displacement diagram.

Building on Ersa´s extensive experience in integrating production equipment into the infrastructure of MES, ERP and traceability systems, the VERSAFIT 500´s control system and software ensure complete process control of the press-fit operation. The data recorded in this way is available in various formats and can be processed accordingly. The Ersa VERSAFIT 500 is a completely new generation of machines for assembly and connection technology. The symbiosis of Ersa´s many years of experience in soldering machine construction with the challenges of automated inline press-fit technology offers customers completely new possibilities in the design and production of electronic assemblies.

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