PVA, a global supplier of automated dispensing and coating equipment, is pleased to announce its participation in the 11th annual ASSEMBLY Show, scheduled to take place Oct. 24-26, 2023 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL. PVA will introduce its latest innovation, the PathMaster X software at Booth 443.

PathMaster X: Revolutionizing Programming for PVA’s Direct Series Delta Line

Attendees of the ASSEMBLY Show will have the exclusive opportunity to experience PathMaster X for the first time at PVA’s Booth 443. The live demonstrations will showcase the software’s capabilities and how it can revolutionize the programming landscape.

PVA’s Cutting-Edge Equipment on Display

In addition to PathMaster X, PVA will also be presenting a range of its innovative equipment during live demonstrations at the show. Visitors can experience the following equipment in action:

  • Delta 8, 3-axis coating machine with fiducial camera and needle calibration, along with the new PathMaster X software
  • Delta 8 Tool Changer with FC100, FCS300-ES, 30 CC syringe with stopcock, and FCM100
  • Delta 8, 4-axis coating machine with FC100-CF, FCS300-ES, FCM100, continuous film calibration, and the new PathMaster X software
  • Delta 8 Two-Part TIM/Potting Machine with PDP150
  • Valve Kiosk Stand

PVA’s Delta 8 Selective Conformal Coating machine, a hallmark of the company’s expertise, will be a central highlight of the showcase. With a strong focus on precision, efficiency and versatility, the Delta 8 aims to meet the diverse needs of manufacturers seeking superior results in dispensing and coating applications.

For more information about PVA, please contact PVA at info@pva.net or (518) 371-2684.