An essential step in manufacturing processes, parts cleaning significantly
contributes to product quality and adds considerable value. In the past years, the
related tasks have become much more varied and challenging. At parts2clean (hall 10, booth C38), Ecoclean will be showcasing a product portfolio optimally tailored to the highly different cleaning applications and requirements in the various industry sectors. The company’s presence at the industry fair in Stuttgart from 26 to 28 September will be rounded off by future-proof service solutions, such as the new virtual showroom, and options for improving energy efficiency and sustainability.

The range of cleaning applications and cleanliness requirements has never been as broad as today. On the one hand, high-technology industry sectors such as semiconductors, medical, sensors and analytics as well as precision optical are reliant on the efficient and dependable removal of ultrafine particulate contaminants in the submicron range, and of residual film-type contamination, some of which have a thickness in the nanoscale. On the other hand, the general industry, which encompasses a multitude of sectors, first and foremost presents a need for removing large amounts of chips and machining fluid. Between these extremes, there are countless cleaning tasks with product- and sector-specific cleanliness specifications. For these many-faceted applications and requirements, Ecoclean and UCM will be presenting an optimally tailored offering of products and services at parts2clean (hall 10, booth C38). They are conceived to meet the respective cleanliness specifications not only in a stable and reliable but also efficient and resource-saving manner.

The UCMSmartLine, shown here with connection to a clean room, represents the solutions for applications in high-purity cleaning consisting of standardized modules for the various process steps and a flexible transport system.

Sustainable and efficient cleaning solutions for all tasks
One topical section of the booth is committed to high purity cleaning and integrated in the fair’s ‘High Purity Lane’. A UCMSmartLine will be shown live there. It will demonstrate the possibilities of combining standardized modules for the process steps wash, rinse, dry, load and unload, and flexible part transport systems, into solutions capable of meeting even the highest cleanliness requirements. Special process technologies such as PPC (Pulsated Pressure Cleaning) also contribute to these results. Information on the testing facilities offered by the manufacturer’s High Purity Test Center, which was officially inaugurated at the end of 2022, as well as application examples complete the offering in this section.

Castings, machined workpieces, stamped parts, bent parts, pressed and deep-drawn parts, hydraulic or pneumatic fittings, additively manufactured components – there is a near endless variety in the general industry of components made from various materials. Downstream processes such as joining, coating and assembling also call for specific cleanliness levels and reliable functioning of the products. For these tasks ranging from pre-cleaning via intermediate to final cleaning and precision cleaning, the manufacturer showcases chamber-type systems of standard and bespoke designs for aqueous and solvent based cleaning, as well as multi-chamber immersion cleaning systems. By way of example, an EcoCwave machine will be shown live on the booth to illustrate the various features and process options.

For the broad range of cleaning applications in general industry, the plant manufacturer provides information on chamber systems in standard design and as special systems for aqueous and solvent cleaning as well as in-line immersion

An all-in approach to Service
Ecoclean will also provide insights into its new virtual showroom, combining a three-dimensional environment with virtual reality. The designation ‘showroom’ actually doesn’t do it justice, as nearly every company site can be visited. Even the smallest details of the cleaning equipment and systems exhibited can be explored in three-dimensional space with a VR headset. Moreover, the virtual world can be connected to the real world. Among other things, this offers customers the possibility to attend cleaning trials live from anywhere in the word, and to obtain additional information in the process. This innovative communication platform conveys the impression that users are physically present.

The team at the booth will also inform visitors about forward-looking service
concepts, automation and digitization solutions, available training options, and
possibilities of realizing energy and resource savings in cleaning processes.

Ecoclean at parts2clean in Stuttgart, hall 10, booth C38.

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