SHENMAO America, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of its halogen-free SM-862 Liquid Flux, designed to replace the widely used halogenated SM-816. The SM-862 Flux offers a range of benefits, including low solid content and smooth residue, making it an excellent choice for automatic wave soldering and manual dipping processes.

SM-862 is a rosin-containing flux specifically formulated to leave minimal residue and reduce the occurrence of bridges during soldering. This halogen-free ROL0 (J-STD-004B) flux is tack-free and no-clean, suitable for various automated and selective soldering applications. It exhibits exceptional hole-fill ability and effectively prevents bridges when soldering high-density components on circuit boards.

The versatility of SM-862 makes it ideal for applications such as wave soldering, selective soldering and dipping. It is well-suited for use in industrial PC (IPC), motherboards, power boards, server boards, and other components requiring dipping. The flux delivers excellent solderability and leaves behind a flux residue that exhibits high voltage endurance.

SHENMAO has received approval from numerous internationally renowned electronic manufacturers, affirming the quality and reliability of their products. The company’s commitment to delivering the highest standards without compromising on cost and time-to-market ensures maximum value for its customers. SHENMAO America, Inc. manufactures SMT solder paste at its San Jose, CA facility for distribution throughout North America.

“We are excited to introduce the halogen-free SM-862 Liquid Flux as an alternative to the widely used SM-816,” said Watson Tseng, General Manager at SHENMAO America, Inc. “With its low solid content, smooth residue, and excellent solderability, SM-862 provides our customers with a reliable solution for their soldering needs. We are dedicated to offering top-quality products that meet the highest industry standards.”

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