TAGARNO, a leading provider of digital microscopes, is pleased to announce the best-selling measurement app – its highly acclaimed TAGARNO Measurement app. This cutting-edge digital microscope measurement software offers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, revolutionizing the way measurements are performed in various industries. With a remarkable accuracy of 0.003 percent, the TAGARNO Measurement app enables users to measure samples of all shapes and sizes directly on the microscope, delivering precise and reliable results.

Digital microscope software has become an indispensable tool in achieving more accurate and efficient analyses compared to manual methods. The TAGARNO Measurement app takes this capability to the next level, empowering users to perform measurements with exceptional accuracy and ease. By utilizing this unique microscope measurement software, users can conveniently measure samples directly on the microscope, eliminating the need for complex and time-consuming manual measurements.

Additionally, users can save measurements as a heads-up display. That is, once you’ve made your measurements, you can save them for the next time you’re checking a similar sample. Instead of manually doing the measurement, you can then enable the heads-up display and quickly check the sample against it. This will also help the operators work more efficiently.

The TAGARNO Measurement app offers a range of features that enhance measurement capabilities and streamline the analysis process:

Choose Your Measurement: Once calibrated, users can perform accurate measurements with ease using the microscope measurement software. The app provides various measurement options, including point-to-point, polyline, diameter, angle, area, and more.

Add a Note: After completing a measurement, users can further enhance their analysis by adding arrows or text boxes to highlight specific areas of the product sample. This feature allows users to provide contextual explanations for their measurements, enhancing overall clarity and understanding.

Increase Visibility: The microscope measurement software allows users to customize the appearance of measurements and text boxes. Users can increase text size, line width, and change colors to make their measurements and notes stand out against the color of the product being analyzed. This feature improves visibility and ensures that important information is easily discernible.

Save and Forward: Once measurements are completed, users can save a picture of the analysis with a simple click of the app menu or the microscope control box. The saved photo can be easily shared with colleagues or supply chain partners, facilitating seamless collaboration and efficient communication.

“With the TAGARNO Measurement app, our customers can achieve exceptional accuracy and efficiency in their measurement processes,” said Jake Kurth, Country Manager, Americas. “The ability to save and forward measurements with ease enhances collaboration and enables effective communication throughout the supply chain.”

The TAGARNO Measurement app is an essential tool for industries that rely on precise measurements, including electronics, medical devices, automotive, and many more. For more information about the TAGARNO Measurement app and TAGARNO’s comprehensive range of digital microscope solutions, please visit www.tagarno.com.