Saki Corporation, an innovator in the field of automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment, will be exhibiting in Hall 4A, Booth #135 at SMTconnect in Nuremberg, Germany from 9th to 11th May 2023. Saki’s range of world-class inspection machines will be on show to demonstrate their premier accuracy and speed, as well as the comprehensive software and hardware interconnectivity moving the industry to efficient cost-effective Smart Factories. Visitors will be invited to view the new 3Di-LS3 15µm and 3Xi-M110 v3, debuting in Europe for the first time.

With their partner, Selecs, Saki will be demonstrating their Total Inspection Line Solution, a range of quality assurance machines with superior M2M communication for streamlined product inspection. With optimized software and hardware, Saki’s machinery is designed for low maintenance, operator efficiency and easy on-site upgrades for futureproofing.

Inspection Machines

The Saki team will be available to offer hands-on demonstrations of the machine range, including:

  • 3Xi-M110 v3 – Available to experience in Europe for the first time, the 3Xi-M110 v3 features Saki’s optimized Planar CT software, developed in-house for the industry’s fastest cycle times. This 3D-AXI machine delivers impressive quality assurance with highly accurate void measurement and detection for both PCBs and components.
  • 3Di-LS3 15µm – Also premiering at SMTconnect, the 3Di-LS3 enables high-speed and high-performance inspection while achieving both high resolution and expanded height measurement with an upgraded high-resolution camera system. It offers a wide variety of features that can be selected according to the customer’s production environment and product requirements. These optional functions enhance scalability and contribute to greater quality assurance and improved productivity. Equipped with a 15μm high-resolution camera system, the 3Di-LS3 supports assembly inspection of SMT-mounted parts, including extremely small and tall parts, with the industry’s fastest cycle time.
  • 3Si-LS2 and 3Di-LS2 – Experience Saki’s 3D SPI and AOI range with the 3Si-LS2 and 3Di-LS2 designed to support large PCB sizes up to 500 mm x 510 mm. Featuring unified hardware and software, operators trained in Saki’s machines enjoy seamless transition between platforms, for an improved experience that minimizes costs and improves overall satisfaction.
  • 2Di-LU1 – Saki’s 2D AOI range is represented at SMTconnect with the 2Di-LU1. Featuring bottom-side inspection for enhanced line productivity and Saki’s unique line scan technology, the 2Di-LU1 is available for hands-on demonstration at the Saki booth.

Smart Factory

Smart automation with Saki’s products improves quality assurance accuracy, lowers maintenance time, and improves operator performance. Visitors to Saki at SMTconnect will be able to experience:

  • QD Analyzer v4 – The latest version of Saki’s software is key to a smart factory solution. Operators can monitor machine status, store inspection results, and statistically analyze data from every connected machine in the line. With comprehensive reporting and real-time data, QD Analyzer is a key component in the Saki inspection range.
  • Upgradable Components – Flexibility is key for the future of inspection. Saki’s latest range allows for rapid on-site equipment upgrade of components, such as the camera, ensuring inspection machines have improved uptime and state-of-the-art performance with minimal maintenance for superior customer value.
  • M2M Communication – With integrated M2M technology, Saki machines work smoothly with both sister products on the line and third-party machinery. Saki booth visitors will gain a detailed understanding of Saki’s dedication to smart factory M2M connectivity.

The future of electronics manufacturing lies with smart factories providing accurate inspection with minimal maintenance,” said Jaroslav Neuhauser, General Manager Saki Europe. “Saki’s total inspection line solution has a unified software and hardware platform that delivers superior quality assurance with rapid cycle times and unparalleled accuracy. We are looking forward to bringing the latest inspection machines for demonstration to Germany at SMTconnect.”

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