Varroc Lighting Systems Electronics Romania (VLSER) was initially founded in January 2019 as a joint venture between Varroc Lighting Systems (70%) and ELBA (30%) to produce the electronic parts (PCBA) used in their lighting products (head/rear lamps). In December 2020, Varroc purchased ELBA’s 30%, and the company was included as a new electronic business unit of VLS.

Since then, the company has grown from one to three SMT/BEs. Varroc Lighting Systems is a global automotive supplier providing custom design solutions and innovative product development for exterior vehicle lighting syst

VLSER places customer care and innovation at the top of its success list. “Our people are the key drivers for our success,” said Danut Bogdan, Plant manager. “We ensure sustainable economic growth and constantly contribute to our customer’s success through innovative and high-quality products.”  To actively support the development of products from concept to manufacturing, the team strives to continuously improve its performance and anticipate and drive change to be one step ahead of the competition.

So, when the company was working to automatically receive and process materials, including the option to validate the process data at the end, it turned to Scienscope. VLSER began discussing this process in 2021, and while researching potential suppliers, the company came across Scienscope and realized it had a facility in the same city as VLSER. Once it was ready to move forward, the company purchased the Reel Smart Lite (Incoming Material System-100 (IMS-100) equipment to improve its reception of materials process. Before the IMS-100, VLSER had to conduct reception, including printing the labels manually, and the information gathered from the process was not validated. Now, with the help of automatic validation done by the Scienscope system, the company knows the information will be accurate, which is a significant time and cost-benefit.

Cristian Szpisjak, a .net developer, said, “In addition to being local, Scienscope provided a service tailored to our unique needs by adjusting how the software on the equipment works to support our business needs. Since implementation, we’ve noticed a marked reduction in time for receiving materials/automatic validation and significantly fewer errors generated by manual reception.” He added that because Scienscope is local, VLSER was able to implement the system quickly.

The integration and management of components are critical when trying to achieve a “smart factory.”  Scienscope’s IMS system integrates from start to finish with accurate and complete data of all material processes and procedures. Packed components are received with labels from manufacturers’ barcodes, a distributor’s barcode, a forwarder’s barcode, the customers’ barcode, etc.  When received, it can be difficult for the person scanning to pick the correct barcode to scan. Any incorrect reading can lead to an inventory and manufacturing process nightmare.

The IMS-100 high-resolution barcode camera system has an image-based algorithm that reads any barcode, even with defects. It reads and stores the information of four 7″ reels simultaneously. As one reel is removed, a unique identification number label is printed, archiving reliable data that can be easily and conveniently traced. Additionally, the IMS-100 allows for EMS/ERP integration in seconds. It captures multi-codes quickly and without errors, enabling seamless integration of any material. Additionally, it helps automate the incoming goods process and boosts productivity dramatically.

Cristian Szpisjak added that he was impressed with the level of engagement from Scienscope. “This was one of the contributing factors when we chose the supplier, and the same level of engagement was shown throughout the implementation. Additionally, technical assistance has been comprehensive, and everyone we’ve come into contact with at Scienscope has been knowledgeable and friendly.”

scienscope IMS-100

Because the IMS-100 has been received so well, Varroc is considering purchasing the Reel Smart Pro (IMS-200) system as the company grows and continues strategizing for plant automation.

“We aim to be the best electronics provider for intelligent vehicle lighting,” said Cristian Szpisjak. “Scienscope’s Reel Smart Lite technology helps us accomplish our goal. We enjoy partnering with companies like Scienscope that are reliable and flexible enough to provide a tailored service to our specific needs.”

Varroc Lighting Systems is a premier developer and manufacturer of next-generation external lighting systems and vehicle control electronics for the automotive and two-wheeler industries. Focused on safety, mobility, and style, Varroc Lighting Systems brings leading-edge technology to the mainstream automotive market with high-quality and cost-competitive solutions. Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, U.S., the company has more than 8,000 employees worldwide with operations in 17 countries and capabilities on every continent where vehicles are produced. Varroc Lighting Systems is a vital member of the Varroc Group family of automotive components businesses.

Scienscope was founded in 1994 to meet the growing need for reliable and affordable general-purpose optical and video inspection solutions for the electronics and PCB industries. The company began with essential stereo zoom microscopes used for SMT inspection and reworking circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies with a commitment to quality, value, and support. Over the past 28 years, Scienscope has evolved to become a complete inspection solution provider, offering offline and inline X-ray systems, Video coordinate measurement systems, video inspection systems, and microscopes to meet a wide variety of applications and manufacturing quality requirements. It also offers the X-Scope 1800 X-ray inspection system, AXC-800 III Component Counter, and Smart Storage Rack.

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