Austin American Technology (AAT) is pleased to announce that it will exhibit at the SMTA Austin (Central Texas) Expo & Tech Forum, scheduled to take place Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2022 at the Norris Conference Center. The AAT team will showcase the X30™ Fully Automatic Stencil Cleaner 4.0.

With the X30, users can expect consistent cleaning results from its patented method of rotational spraying – creating zones of constantly changing force that provide superior performance and reliability. A fully automated cleaning system, the X30 does not require product transference between wash, rinse and dry cycles.

The X Series Stencil Cleaner is available with either a 30in or 40in configuration. X Series Vertical Format Batch Cleaning Systems provide maximum chemistry flexibility to meet a wide variety of applications. Aqueous, saponification, semi-aqueous, alcohols and hybrid solvents can be utilized to remove flux residues, solder pastes, inks, adhesives and other residues from boards, stencils, or tooling used in the production process. Each system incorporates filtration and a selectable open-loop or closed-loop configuration to address environmental and safety concerns.

About Austin American Technology:
Austin American Technology is on the forefront of engineering and manufacturing high performance cleaning system for over 35 years, delivering solutions worldwide. AAT was founded in 1986, as a provider of SMT rework systems and process engineering testing services. In 1988, their focus shifted toward the high-end electronics cleaning segment with the introduction of the world’s first automated stencil cleaner. In 2000, Austin American Technology became a market leader in inline cleaning systems with the introduction of the award-winning HydroJet® series. Patented cleaning and drying technologies were incorporated into an energy and space-efficient format to set new standards for performance and low cost of ownership. Building on this success, AAT introduced the MicroJet® inline flip chip cleaner to provide high volume cleaning capability in a small footprint.  In 2013 AAT introduced the world’s smallest most efficient inline cleaner, the NanoJet®.