Surfx Technologies, LLC, the most trusted name in atmospheric plasma, will exhibit at The Adhesives and Bonding Expo, scheduled to take place June 28-30, 2022 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. The company will showcase the Atomflo™ Atmospheric Argon Plasma Machine in Booth #502.

Whether for cleaning or activating circuit boards, molded plastic parts, medical devices, optical displays or composites, Surfx’s Atomflo plasma system is ideal as a pre-treatment step prior to the application of coatings, adhesives or structural bonding. The system offers a slim footprint, fast lead times and flexible configurations, leaving no excuse to skip plasma surface preparation for critical processes.

Surfx’s Atomflo controller operates with low voltage, radio frequency (RF) power and generates a uniform, particle-free and electrically neutral plasma that is safe on the most sensitive electronics. Surfx Technologies’ versatile conveyor design allows for rapid surface preparation.

Surfx argon plasma systems clean and activate a wide variety of material surfaces, including glass, ceramics, polymers, semiconductors and metals. Save money and improve quality with turnkey systems configured for your application.

About Surfx Technologies, LLC
Surfx Technologies offers the best argon plasma on the market, based on throughput, treatment uniformity, process control, reliability and product quality. The company’s plasma will not damage sensitive electronic components. Surfx machines are an excellent choice for in-line surface cleaning, activation and adhesion improvement.  

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