In this time of component shortages, supply chain issues and rising costs, Seika Machinery, Inc. recognizes the need to keep its customers informed regarding current inventory. A leading provider of advanced machinery, materials and engineering services, Seika Machinery today announced its current and upcoming inventory*.  

Seika currently has several models of McDry in stock, including:

MCU-401A, MCU-201A, MCU-580A, MC-1001A, MC-1002A, MB-1001A, DXU-1002-1000A. Additionally, McDry models DXU-1001A and DXU-1002A will be in stock soon.

Seika has Sawa Portable Stencil Cleaner models SC-500HE and SC-50000GUS available.

Sayaka PCB Routers including CT23Q, CT23S, CT23NJ and CT56NJ will be back in stock soon.

*While supplies last.

About Seika Machinery, Inc.
Seika Machinery, Inc. (SMI) is a subsidiary of Seika Corporation, Japan and member of the Mitsubishi Global Group. SMI provides electronics manufacturers with advanced machinery, superior materials and engineering services.