Circuit Technology Center announces it has enhanced its component-level modification services capability with the addition of a robotic hot solder dip (RHSD) machine dedicated to the lead-free processing of components for applications that require refinishing with lead-free solder for RoHS compliance.  The refinishing of numerous component types is supported, including fine pitch QFP’s, SOIC’s, QFN’s, BGA’s and various other component types. 

Typical applications for lead-free, RoHS compliant robotic hot solder dip include refinishing component leads, particularly after removal and salvage from circuit boards, and the flushing of excess solder from salvaged BGA’s and other bottom-terminated components.  Additional applications include the removal of contamination, oxidation, and the removal of tin-lead solder from BGA devices when re-balling from tin-lead to lead-free, RoHS compliant solder.  RoHS compliance can be confirmed post-processing via in-house x-ray fluorescence (XRF) technology.

“We have seen a significant increase in customer requests inquiring about the removal and salvage of hard-to-source SMT devices and BGA devices due to industry supply chain issues and component shortages,” says Andy Price, Sales Manager at Circuit Technology Center.  “This added capability and flexibility in our robotic hot solder dip department complements our existing substantial capacity to support selective device salvage and allows us to support our customers with high speed, reliable refinishing of salvaged devices with either RoHS compliant solder or tin-lead solder.” 

Circuit Technology Center, founded in 1979, continues to be recognized as the most innovative and reliable specialist in circuit board damage repair, rework, BGA re-balling and component level modification services in the world.

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