PDR, a leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems, test and X-ray inspection systems since 1985, is pleased to announce that it signed an exclusive representation agreement with MiDS Metrology in Brazil for its X-ray machines.

Dave White, President of PDR, stated, “MiDS is an outstanding organization that possesses a high degree of technical expertise in the field of X-ray analysis, as well as a 25-year history of outstanding customer service and support. PDR X-ray Systems, in tandem with PDR’s latest global partner MiDS, is proud to be serving the Brazilian electronics industry with PDR’s high image quality X-ray systems.

MiDS was established by professionals with more than 25 years of experience in the supply, consulting, support and maintenance for the metrology and electronics fields. The company was formed from the realization of the lack of quality and excellent service to customers who need X-ray inspection and industrial computed tomography.

PDR’s X-ray systems set a new industry standard for high quality X-ray images at an affordable price. Choosing the right system for your requirements, such as X-ray for quality control or X-ray for process control is vital to the success of both PCB inspection programs as well as semiconductor inspection programs, counterfeit detection, components and failure analysis.

PDR’s 90kV and 130kV X-ray systems are designed with high-quality materials and quality and safety standards that exceed the most stringent requirements for industrial safety. All non-destructive X-ray inspection systems built by PDR are equipped with a set of image processing tools and features that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that the X-ray system delivers quality X-ray images and the power of analytical tools needed for a successful X-ray program.

For more information about MiDS, email Marcos Ivo at marcos.ivo@mids.com.br or visit www.mids.com.br.

PDR X-ray Solutions was founded in 2012, providing industry with High Quality X-Ray Imaging Solutions in the 90-130kV range. For more information about PDR, visit www.pdr-rework.com or call PDR in the U.S. at 530-676-6262 or in the United Kingdom at +44 (0)1293 614 000.