Microart Services, an Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider with four decades of experience, has joined forces with Berlin KraftWorks Inc. (BKW), an engineering firm that helps firms transform ideas into finalized products, to bridge the gap between ideation and volume commercial production.

Both companies recognise the challenges faced by innovators when going from their eureka moment to the commercialisation of that product. Between them they are able to provide a creative genius with support through every aspect of design, engineering, DfM (design for manufacture), supply chain planning and much more. They allow the brand behind the innovation to focus on product ideation and development, knowing they are being guided through each stage of the commercialisation of their solution. They focus on the ultimate goal of delivering a robust solution to the consumer that is both reliable, scalable and economic.

Matt Weller, co-founder and leader of supply chain and operations at Berlin KraftWorks said: “There was a meeting of minds with Microart Services, recognising that while there is support for new tech, there is a lack of resources and preparedness for physical manufacturing.” Matt added, “we both see a real need for hands-on assistance, teaching, and a systems approach that aligns engineering and supply chain from innovation through to production.”

Microart CEO, Mark Wood commented: “Working with Berlin KraftWorks and their customers allows us to get manufacturing practices and supply chain strategy baked in at the design stage,” adding, “the two teams bring immense experience in engineering, design, supply chain design and much more to deliver innovative products to their end user markets with the minimum pain, minimum risk and maximum value.”

As part of their partnership, Microart Services and Berlin KraftWorks are providing advice to help innovators get ready for manufacturing and scale in the form of articles and blogs as well as a forthcoming webinar, scheduled for June 29th at 3pm EST. Matt Weller and Peter Heuss of Berlin KraftWorks along with Mark Wood of Microart Services will be providing advice and answering questions from the audience in this online and on-demand event hosted and moderated by Forbes and Entrepreneur journalist, Philip Stoten. Spaces are limited so please sign up without delay for this must see event for innovators wishing to bridge the gap between idea and delivery.

Register at https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_PpChLY-kSpmRtBE5TJOeDQ

About Microart:
Microart Services is an electronic manufacturing and design services company with four decades of experience, providing PCB layout, bare board manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing and box build for proto-type and low-to-mid volume productions. Microart has a reputation as a team that will bend over backwards for customers and possess the experience, skills and grit to get things done! They invest in the latest technology at their two state-of-the-art facilities to deliver the best product outcomes for their customers.

About Berlin KraftWorks Inc.:
Berlin KraftWorks Inc. makes it quicker and easier for companies to get their products to market. By aligning supply chain and engineering our hands-on solutions integrate into the entire process from design, through supply chain, to the end user.  For more information visit berlinkw.ca