ECD today announced an important feature expansion to its award-winning OvenSENTINEL™ continuous monitoring technology with the addition of Profile SnapShot™, a one-button, on-demand oven profile confirmation that saves valuable production time and delivers a robust data file as opposed to a profile image only.  OvenSENTINEL’s in-depth TrueProfile™ traceability benefits for high-reliability manufacturing are well-proven; Profile SnapShot™ expands the advantages of the novel continuous monitoring software by facilitating significant labor savings opportunities while safeguarding quality output and providing proof of production-ready oven conditions.

Reducing the requirement for incremental profiling using instrumented assemblies, OvenSENTINEL’s Profile SnapShot delivers an instantaneous view and generated data set of the oven profile, allowing validation and documentation of oven conditions for successful reflow soldering.  Uniting the flexibility of ECD’s MAP software and the depth of OvenSENTINEL capability, a broad range of calculations can be instantly captured and displayed via Profile SnapShot. As ECD Electronics Division Manager Mark Waterman explains, this holistic view of the oven’s readiness and access to useful data enable productivity improvements.

“To run a traditional profile using a populated assembly can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes,” according to Waterman.  “While incremental product profiling is essential to overall manufacturing quality protocols, the ability to instantly validate oven readiness and alignment with Key Process Indicators (KPIs) on-demand, prior to the start of a shift or in-between product changeovers, can save considerable production time, while ensuring ongoing compliance with the originally-established ‘golden board’ process settings. Profile SnapShot is not just a chart; it is the actual oven data, viewable on-demand through ECD’s MAP software with no cumbersome imports or conversions required.  Simply open the file.”

OvenSENTINEL integrates the powerful TrueProfile traceability alongside the new one-touch, on-demand Profile SnapShot data record.  It is a convenient and useful feature that is a reasonable substitute for repeating the assembly profile, saving valuable time during shift or product changes, while ensuring and documenting in-specification oven conditions for production optimization.

To learn more about OvenSENTINEL, visit or call our technical team at  1-503-659-6100.

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Header Photo:  OvenSENTINEL’s Profile SnapShot provides an instantaneous oven profile image and generated data set for on-demand validation and documentation of oven conditions.