Boston Semi Equipment (BSE), a global semiconductor test floor services and test automation company, announced today that its Zeus gravity test handler has successfully completed an evaluation and has been purchased by a leading outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) provider. The evaluation criteria included first-pass yield, jam rate, daily output and OEE performance in production. BSE’s Zeus handler met or exceeded performance benchmarks on the test floor.

“Boston Semi Equipment continues to invest and innovate in gravity handler applications,” said Mike Kerrigan, senior vice president of sales for BSE.  “We are pleased to add another OSAT to our growing list of companies choosing handlers from BSE. This extends the positive trend of major IDMs and OSATs adding Zeus to their test floors as they strive to increase uptime and output while lowering cost-of-test.”

Users select Zeus because it offers the features and performance needed by today’s test cells along with high uptime, ease of maintenance and exceptional support. Its performance also leads the industry in pressure MEMS and high-power test applications.

Zeus is a tri-temperature handler that can be configured with up to eight test sites. Cold temperature testing is achieved using LN2 or an external, non-LN2 chiller, the MR2.

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Boston Semi Equipment LLC provides test automation solutions and test cell services to OSATs and semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Our solutions keep semiconductor test cells up and running. We strive every day to lower equipment costs and increase equipment uptime for our customers.

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