RENEX Group reports that 2020 figures show high increase in foreign sales of REECO antistatic furniture. The company also informs about expanding their range to new markets in Europe and Asia.

REECO is a Polish brand of antistatic furniture used, among others, in electronics production and laboratories.

The 2020 sales figures of REECO antistatic furniture show that for the brand manufacturer – RENEX Group – it was a year of very good results. The company maintained a 50% increase in exports despite the global recession. The key factor was the increase in sales on the European markets – in particular in the UK, Czech Republic, the Balkans and Germany, as well as the expansion of distribution to Japan, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland.

“The excellent results of REECO furniture sales on foreign markets, especially taking into account the problems related to the economic and social crisis resulting from the spread of Covid-19, are the success of the employees and specialists of the RENEX Group. In difficult times, they found new solutions and new markets – which not only mitigated the negative effects of the crisis, but led to significant brand development worldwide.” – The owners of the RENEX Group – Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić – commented.

Within the REECO brand, the RENEX Group produces three main product categories: antistatic furniture, antistatic clothing and ready-to-implement robots.

The REECO antistatic furniture line is a series of modular products developed for use in industrial production and repair of electronics. The furniture enables the creation of fully customized ergonomic workstations, and thanks to the materials and technologies applied, it can be used in ESD Protected Areas.

Materials with antibacterial properties make REECO furniture also suitable for use in laboratory, food and medical industries.