Plasmatreat GmbH, technology leader in industrial atmospheric plasma surface treatment, has further developed its international proximity to its customers in 2020 by founding the subsidiary Plasmatreat Schweiz AG to better serve the Swiss market. The company has been managed by Klaus Kresser (46) since August 1, 2020. Kresser is considered an expert in the adhesives industry and has cross-industry knowledge in international sales and project management as well as in development of adhesives and coatings.

The newly founded company, based in Diepoldsau in the Swiss Rhine Valley, has targeted its efforts at, among other things, supporting Swiss technology companies in evaluating and implementing plasma technology in their processes. “Swiss companies in many cases work on technical solutions that are then produced in volume production in Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia. Development of the product as well as development of the manufacturing processes is detached from the actual manufacturing sites. Swiss universities or institutes are often also involved in these processes, which are commissioned by large European technology companies. These development teams can draw on our expertise, our experience, and our technology in their work. Having the subsidiary in Switzerland means we are nearby, can take meetings at short notice, and can transfer technology and process knowledge as well as speed up all the communication surrounding these development steps,” Kresser explained. Kresser himself has broad knowledge and experience in the adhesives and coatings industry. He has worked for well-known manufacturers in the area of development and in sales and is a recognized specialist in adhesives.

Plasmatreat Schweiz also strives for close cooperation with universities and institutes as well as with governmental agencies like Innosuisse. Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency and is tasked with promoting innovation in the interest of the economy and society. “We work in other countries in similar collaborative alliances with funding agencies, universities, research institutions and companies. These collaborations have proven very successful, since the financial support allows innovations to be implemented quickly and safely. As a result, this constellation helps safeguard innovation and contributes to sustainable development of innovation,” Kresser said. Such funding projects are particularly interesting for adhesive manufacturers based in Switzerland, he said. Because of his experience with adhesives on behalf of Plasmatreat in Germany as well as Kresser’s professional background, Plasmatreat Schweiz is an ideal contact when it comes to innovative solutions around adhesives and bonding enhancements. Kresser’s focus is therefore also on the development of technically sophisticated adhesive bonds and their PlasmaPlus bonding agents, among other things. “Especially when designing efficient and environmentally friendly bonding processes, extremely clean surfaces are necessary for long-lasting bonded joints, which we can provide with Openair-Plasma,” Kresser emphasizes.

In addition to managing the Plasmatreat Schweiz subsidiary, Kresser is Global Market Segment Manager for the PT-Bond segment. This nano-coating is a transparent bonding agent that can be applied using PlasmaPlus technology to various materials including metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, and others. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, PT-Bond enables stable and long-lasting bonds to be achieved between different materials that are difficult to bond without PT-Bond. “This method is one of the many processes we can cover with our Openair-Plasma technology. We can activate, clean and coat surfaces, offering forward-looking solutions for a wide range of applications and industries,” Kresser added.

The surface treatment with plasma can be used in a variety of industries, since Plasmatreat’s technology is not tied to any specific industry. Interesting areas of application for Openair-Plasma technology include metal surface treatment in the watch industry, plastic treatment in packaging production, and applications in medical areas, in the automotive industry, and in electronics and semiconductor production. Kresser is also happy to assist these customers with his knowledge and experience.

The business relationship with the Swiss distribution partner TeSe AG remains unaffected by the founding of Plasmatreat Schweiz AG. “Plasmatreat Schweiz together with TeSe will focus primarily on project business and process development in Switzerland. Moreover, TeSe will continue to take care of the service and replacement parts supply for our Swiss customers, so that we can share the processing of the Swiss market well here. But we can also draw on the resources in Germany at any time, so evaluations and process tests can be performed at our location in southern Germany,” Kresser explained. In addition, Kresser will also work closely with his colleagues in the countries directly bordering Switzerland to provide the best possible service to French- and Italian-speaking customers in Switzerland.

About Plasmatreat
Plasmatreat is a leading international developer of atmospheric plasma technologies and plasma systems used in pretreating material surfaces. Openair-Plasma® nozzle technology is used worldwide in automated and continuous manufacturing processes in almost every industrial sector. The Plasmatreat Group has technology centers in Germany (headquarters), the United States, Canada, China, and Japan and is represented in more than 30 countries with its own subsidiaries and sales partners.
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