South-Tek Systems is proud to announce that it has awarded Don Ernst, Account Manager at BarTron, Inc., Top Project of 2023. This recognition highlights Ernst’s exceptional contributions representing South-Tek’s best-in-class Nitrogen generation technology.

Ernst brings more than 35 years of invaluable experience in process engineering to BarTron, having previously held key positions at Jabil Circuit and Delphi Automotive. He plays a pivotal role in servicing key accounts in Michigan, leveraging his extensive background to assist the entire customer base with process engineering expertise.

Ernst’s exceptional work on a leading project in 2023 has earned him the South-Tek Systems Top Project Award. This recognition reflects his commitment to excellence, problem-solving skills, and the positive impact he has made in the electronics industry. Ernst’s ability to navigate complex process engineering challenges has set a high standard within BarTron and the industry at large.

“South-Tek Systems is proud to present the Top Project of 2023 Award to Don Ernst for his outstanding contribution. Don’s wealth of experience and dedication to solving customer challenges have not only benefited BarTron but have also left a lasting mark on our team and valued customers,” said Caleb Eagle, Industrial Sales Manager – Electronics, at South-Tek Systems.

About BarTron Inc
BarTron, Inc., established in July 1989, is a renowned manufacturers’ representative firm specializing in representing companies that supply equipment and consumable supplies to the electronics assembly and related industries. The company’s primary goal is to tackle customer process and manufacturing challenges by using the knowledge and expertise gained through strong supplier partnerships.

About South-Tek
South-Tek manufactures a variety of nitrogen generators from those designed to output a few liters per minute of Nitrogen flow rate for tabletop laboratory applications to designs able to produce 75,000 cubic feet per hour to meet the demands of some of the largest industrial plants. South-Tek systems are capable of producing Nitrogen purities of up to 99.999 percent (10 PPM and lower). The company also designs systems that will produce beyond 6,000 PSI of Nitrogen.

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