Rehm Thermal Systems offers webinars on drying processes and conformal coating in December and January – registration by e-mail

Individually adapted drying and coating processes are of great importance for optimum soldering results. In two webinars of Rehm Thermal Systems in December and January the focus will therefore be on these two processes. Take part in the webinars and learn more about these two elementary processes. Registration for the webinars can be made by e-mail to

All important information about the two webinars at a glance:

09.12.2020, 9 am: Drying processes (German)

An optimal drying process is important in electronics production. Depending on the chemicals used, electronic products place different demands on reliable curing during production. The RDS drying systems are configured individually according to the customer’s requirements.

In this webinar we will show you the different basic physical principles of heat transfer that are used to make your drying processes as efficient as possible.

The webinars on this topic will be held in English on 10.12.2020 at 9 am (for Asia, Europe, ROW) and at 3 pm (for America and Europe).

In December and January more webinars of Rehm Thermal Systems will take place (Photo: Rehm Thermal Systems).

20.01.2021, 9 am: Dispensing & Coating Solutions (German)

Coating technology in the electronics industry is constantly advancing. The multitude of materials and application methods are specially adapted to the assembly to be produced. It is not easy to lose track of this!

In our webinar we will explain to you that the selection and implementation of the appropriate process does not have to be unnecessarily complicated. Let our experts show you how you too can achieve the perfect material application in just a few steps.

The English language webinars on this topic will be held on 21.01.2021 at 9 am (for Asia, Europe, ROW) and at 4pm (for America and Europe).

Further information on the webinars can be found here: Dates – Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH (