Getech Automation launches the latest in its family of inline automated Depanelling machines based on the GBR platform. The Getech Bottom Router has proven its utility not just as a PCB Depanelling system but as a point of work balance acting as a cutting system, a handling system, a sorting system and all the while keeping the demand for operators to a minimum. As the world of electronics permeates our lives, the demand for miniaturization, smaller and faster is being complimented by larger and longer form factor panels that exceed the norms of manufacture. Many EV and Solar applications have resulted in larger form factor electronics with the opposite in extreme dimensions. To meet this need Getech launches the BBR – imaginatively titled as the ‘Big Bottom Router’.

The BBR can accommodate PCBs unto 1200mm in length

Unlike many machines designed for large format PCBs the BBR is the only one that uses a multi stage robotic gripping system to handle the PCB. This means the need for Large, Heavy and cumbersome fixtures is removed. No Fixtures Required !!! The BBR can accommodate PCBs unto 1200mm in length. The multi stage handling means the gripper is positioned at the point closest to the cutting location maintaining PCB stability and minimizing any movement during cutting. An under PCB support mechanism stops the PCB from “Sagging under its own weight” and the output flat belt is stretched to accommodate the total PCB length.

The BBR may very well be the largest PCB router in the world – but it is certainly the largest Fixtureless PCB router available today.

Another Getech First…..

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