LPKF’s new “Virtual Showroom” offers a fast and informative alternative to face-to-face trade shows or a visit to the company’s own demo laboratory for questions related to PCB prototyping.

LPKF has a complete range of equipment in its portfolio for development departments or research labs that want to carry out their PCB prototyping in-house: from circuit board plotters for drilling and structuring to SMT stencil printers, reflow ovens, and laser machines. Since it is currently not possible to present the products personally on site, LPKF has set up a virtual showroom in which interested parties can take a comfortable look around and find the right systems for their applications as quickly as possible: https://product-showroom-dq.lpkf.com/

Besides the product range, which has already been proven for years, the recently launched systems and innovative software solutions in particular can be experienced in four thematically structured rooms:

  • PCB Basic Line
  • Multilayer Production
  • RF Prototyping
  • Micromaterial Processing

In the showroom presentation, the real sizes of the ultracompact LPKF laboratory systems are clearly visible. Technical information on the individual systems and demo videos on the application areas can be retrieved.That’s why most questions about PCB prototyping can be quickly answered through a visit to the virtual showroom.The company’s employees will be happy to answer any questions that remain unanswered and to discuss concrete application options.

A section of the virtual showroom

A section of the virtual showroom.