Due to industry demand, Gardner Business Media (GBM) announced the formation and launch of the Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA), along with the new Association’s prestigious board member roster. “With the rising importance of parts and component cleaning across industries, Gardner began planning the goals, strategies and structure for the new association several years ago. “We wanted to make sure it truly served the needs of the industries our publications and our trade event serve in a meaningful way,” said Matt Gilmore, marketing and operations manager at Gardner Business Media, Inc. and MCA executive director.

Initial planning for what has become the MCA began at the 2019 Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) where a prospective MCA member working group gathered. That meeting was followed by the structuring of the organization – including Code of Regulations, Articles of Incorporation, dues structures and member benefits. Then, in September 2019, the MCA was officially established in the state of Ohio. In December, the MCA began signing founding members.

“Over the past 5 years, it has become clear that creating a community of cleaning industry professionals that can learn from each other as well as establish and hold strict industrial standards that answer the question ’how clean is clean?’ is in demand,” continued Gilmore.

Gilmore has led the association’s board of directors and executive board in regular planning meetings since August of this year. Gilmore will serve as executive director of the Manufacturing Cleaning Association (MCA).

Joining Gilmore in rounding out the initial board of directors are representatives of founding member companies.

Executive Committee Members:
• President – Sherry Stepp, Global Marketing Manager, KYZEN Corp.
• 1st Vice President – Jeff Beard, Business Development Manager, BHC Inc.
• 2nd Vice President – Peter Feamster, Product Management Director, Jomesa North America
• Treasurer – Michael Valenti, Product Manager – cleaners and nonferrous surface preparation, Hubbard Hall Inc.
• Secretary – Lori Beckman, Senior Editor, Gardner Business Media
Other Founding Board Members:
• Jay Nawani, President, Jayco Cleaning Technologies
• Markus Roessler, Vice President, Glaser Inc.
• Darren Williams, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Sam Houston State University

“I am excited to work with such a diverse and insightful group as we all work to build this breakthrough organization,” said Sherry Stepp, “The MCA’s mission is to support our industry’s needs, create community and provide answers to ‘how clean is clean’ for my process, no matter what that process is.”

“It’s been a tremendous journey to get to the launch of the MCA,” Gilmore said. “With the guidance and industry expertise of the board of directors and the support and commitment of our founding members, we start strong and only get stronger.”

An MCA website is under development, however, until it is live, please visit the association’s LinkedIn page linkedin.com/company/manufacturing-cleaning-association/ for the association’s latest news. For information about membership, email Matt Gilmore at mgilmore@gardnerweb.com.