Benchtop Pick & Place model D2V-25S

  • Benchtop model for prototypes and small serial
  • Possibility to put 25 pcs of 8 mm feeders
  • Type of feeders 8/12/16/24/32 mm, vibratory feeders
  • 2 mounting heads
  • Max speed 6000 CPH
  • Working area 295 x 420 mm
  • 3 modes: manual, semi-automatic and automatic

This model includes an intuitive software, HD camera to recognize SMD components.

High quality and durable nozzles JUKI are mounted on the head.

Perfect for laboratory and small production.

CIFKAYO D2V-25S Pick & Place machine

In line automatic Pick & Place model S600

  • A compact, all-around, uncompromising performance P&P machine. Suitable for current and future surface mount applications.
  • Provide excellent performance, has a truly highly flexible placement method. At the same time, can also provide excellent placement speed, intelligent functions and component flexibility.
  • Very suitable for medium and large batch production in a highly mixed production environment. At the same time, the advantage of software’s comprehensive intelligence shortens the machine setup and product changeover time
  • As part of KAYO complete line of placement solutions, S600 can be said to be extremely valuable. Existing KAYO users can seamlessly connect new and old machines to increase productivity and gain unprecedented flexibility.
  • For new KAYO users, S600 offers very high component flexibility and refreshing placement speed. Adopts intelligent software programming, automatically optimizes the recognition path. It also supports multiple feeding methods such as tape, tray, tube and bulk.

Product Feature

  • Huge component supply capacity: 82*8mm.
  • Max speed 16000 CPH
  • Working area 650 x 380 mm
  • Digital camera: 9 sets of cameras with different functions work together to ensure accuracy.
  • Friendly image human machine exchange interface.
  • Intelligently optimize pick and place path, automatic dispensing nozzle and feeder position.
  • S600 Self-contained component library.
  • Fully automatic springboard function.
CIFKAYO SA600 Pic & Place

These 2 machines are already available for sale in Europe.

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