Last week, Henkel was honored with yet another industry award for its thermal interface material (TIM) ingenuity. BERGQUIST® Liqui-Form TLF 6000HG received a Global Technology Award in recognition the material’s performance benefits and ability to enhance the reliability of 5G telecom infrastructure devices through durable, effective heat dissipation. The Sept. 29, 2020 virtual award ceremony, hosted by award sponsor Global SMT & Packaging magazine, took place during the digital SMTA International conference and exhibition.

“Telecom infrastructure systems designed to support the 5G wireless broadband connection standard have to reliably manage higher data volumes at exponentially faster rates. Bigger ASICs and greater processing power are the norm. With many systems — such as remote radios and base band units — located in outdoor environments where access is challenging, the robustness of the electronic components is essential to ensuring high performance. BERGQUIST LIQUI-FORM TLF 6000HG offers a durable heat dissipating material solution for improving reliability. We thank the Global Technology Awards judging panel for recognizing this distinction.”
Wayne Eng, Henkel’s Global Head of Market Strategy, Datacom and Telecom

A dispensable, pre-cured TIM gel that is stable in storage and in use, BERGQUIST LIQUI-FORM TLF 6000HG has a thermal conductivity of 6.0 W/m-K. Importantly for telecom applications, the material can accommodate gaps up to 3.0 mm and holds its form and position once applied. This is especially beneficial for telecom devices that may be vertically positioned in outdoor environments where active cooling is limited. When evaluated, BERGQUIST® LIQUI-FORM® TLF 6000HG TIM exhibited good vertical gap stability with no slipping during more than 1,000 hours of gap stability testing. The material also showed no material cracking or thermal conductivity degradation after more than 1,000 hours of thermal cycling testing. Additionally, the TIM gel requires no mixing or refrigeration and dispenses quickly, delivering simplified storage and high throughput processing capability.

To learn more about BERGQUIST LIQUI-FORM TLF 6000HG, visit this page.

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