Guadalajara, Jalisco – Repstronics, a Mexican brand representation company, leading in the manufacturing industry, together with Koh Young the industry leader in true3D ™ measurement-based inspection solutions – offer a webinar on AOI solutions on October 14 at 11:00 am CDT (GMT -5).

Learn how to use your data and turn information into knowledge.

The industry is making a lot of changes and we need to leverage the information we have to predict and prevent events. We are at a stage where it is not enough to react in time, we must predict to avoid errors before they happen. Koh Young KSMART software turns data into knowledge by helping effective decision-making and improving the quality of its processes. Koh Young seeks to accelerate the adoption and implementation of equipment communication, to help manufacturers attain the structure of a Smart Factory.

Understand how to leverage AOI measurement data to increase productivity, improve quality, and reduce costs.

Be part of the digital transformation and move to Industry 4.0!

Join us to discover directly from the experts, the best solution in the technology of inspection.

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