Test Research, Inc., the leading test and inspection systems provider for the SMT industry, announces that the company’s 3D AXI system, TR7600F3D SII, received a 2020 Global Technology Award.

The TR7600F3D SII is built on a new and more robust mechanical platform design that achieves a higher speed up to 10 FOV/s, twice as fast as the previous model. Moreover, it is also able to inspect large PCB sizes, up to 900 x 460 mm, being a perfect fit for multiple industries and applications. The TR7600F3D SII’s high quality is manifested in minimal maintenance and high-reliability inspection.

The AXI platform eases maintenance with the Smart Monitoring function, including auto-calibration and key component health monitoring, to ensure issue traceability. The Big Data Ready solution enables data exchange with MES applications, improving the yield rate and traceability.