KIC’s Reflow Process Inspection System – RPI ensures a healthy profile for every board you build. Can you prove to your auditor the in-spec temperature profile for every board passing through the reflow process?

  • Meet requirements for medical devices for ISO 13485
  • Satisfy all of your auditor’s requirements for reliability and traceability
  • Board-level traceability – reflow temperature profile data
  • SPC – UCL/LCL, Cpk data and control charts in real-time

KIC’s 40+ years of experience in automated process data collection and more than 25,000 automatic systems in the field brings the most reliable, accurate and innovative solution for electronics manufacturing thermal process tools.

KIC’s Smart Factory solutions provide automation, traceability, process control via continuous Cpk and live data collection and analytics with integration to MES, CFX and more.

Move toward the future of line connectivity, flexible production, machine learning and real-time insight.

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