nScrypt’s Mike Newton to Speak at DMC

Charles “Mike” Newton, head of nScrypt’s cyberfacturing center, will speak on December 6, 2018 at the Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) in Nashville, Tennessee. Mike’s presentation, entitled “Direct Digital Manufacturing of Integrated Electronics for Munitions,” will directly align with DMC’s theme, “Manufacturing Innovation for the Warfighter”.

Direct Digital Manufacturing, part of which is 3D Printing, promises to revolutionize the art of making things.  Mike will provide an overview of the DDM process, explain how it fits into the military supply chain, and present sample printed munitions. Mike will cover three areas:

(1)       Using DDM to repair and replace parts, to reverse or re-engineer subcomponents that lack supporting documentation, and to serve as an alternative to part obsolescence and diminishing manufacturing resources and materiel.

(2)       Developing new parts and systems for regional sourcing to address emerging threats and needs, without the limitations of traditional design and manufacturing, for example, making mass-customized parts and parts with custom geometries where and when they are needed.

(3)       Enabling expeditionary units to use DDM regardless of environmental and geographic conditions.

Mike will also discuss related issues for “one button push” DDM by warfighters, such as integrating multi-materials into DDM to fabricate fully functional munitions, data management and cyber security of design and fabrication files, and using DDM to make trusted parts with trusted data.

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