Microtronic becomes distributor for KMS selective soldering systems

Microtronic M. V. GmbH handles the sales, maintenance and distribution of the selective soldering systems of KSM Co., Ltd.

KSM is the leading manufacturer of selective soldering systems from South Korea and covers the complete range of equipment: Inline (Selective) Fluxer and Preheat, Inline selective soldering machines, stand-alone systems with Fluxer, Preheat and single / double soldering module – up to Multiwave Dip systems. Also on board: image recognition, barcode scanner, N2 options, and much more.

With the flexible and innovative systems KSM can offer many solutions. The intuitive and modern software makes setup and adjustments very easy. Even mixed production is no problem. Whether as stand-alone version with loader and unloader, or inline, there is a suitable concept for every application.

For requirements with a high volume, KSM offers the HS17 “Multiwave Dip Soldering”. The board is lowered over a grid of multiple miniwaves, which are precisely adapted to this product. This significantly reduces the process time.

Mr. Eggelaar, President of Microtronic, visited the KSM factory in South Korea in February and tested the systems.

“Selective soldering is becoming more and more important. Especially in the field of E-Mobility. KSM’s state-of-the-art systems are a perfect match for our existing products and round off our portfolio. They are another important component of our product range for SMT production..”, says Ernst Eggelaar.