MacDermid Alpha Launches the ALPHA® HiTech™ Series of Underfills, Cornerfills, and Low Temperature Adhesives for High Reliability Electronics

(Waterbury, CT USA) – August 8, 2019 – MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, leaders in soldering and bonding technologies, is pleased to launch the ALPHA® HiTech™ series of Underfills, Cornerfills, and Low Temperature Adhesives for increased reliability of assembled electronic packages.

“We are pleased to extend our HiTech portfolio to include our underfills, cornerfills, and low-temperature adhesives,” said Jimmy Shu, Director of Marketing for Asia-Pacific.  “Joining the SMD and UV adhesives, plus the encapsulant products we launched in April, MacDermid Alpha now supports a full suite of HiTech surface mount attachment materials.  Through our experience in high volume production, these materials reduce scale-up risk for component assemblies deployed into demanding applications.”

ALPHA® HiTech™ Low Temperature Adhesives are one component, halogen-free, heat-cured formulations supporting processing as low as 80°C. Originally designed for sensitive smartphone camera modules, the products demonstrated proven performance in ultra-high volume.  Now, many other temperature sensitive components will benefit from the ease of application and mechanical performance of these high-performance materials.  HiTech adhesives exhibit optimal adhesion, drop-impact performance, and compatibility with a variety of metal and plastic surfaces.  Experience and proven value/performance metrics make HiTech the low-risk option for low- temperature attachment.

MacDermid Alpha Launches the ALPHA® HiTech™ Series of Underfills, Cornerfills, and Low Temperature Adhesives for High Reliability Electronics

ALPHA® HiTech™ Underfills are dispensed along edges of BGA, CSP, or flip chip devices, flowing to perfectly fill the device footprint. The one-component, halogen-free, no-filler epoxies provide superior drop-shock, impact bend, and thermal cycle test performance for the most demanding component designs.

The selection of products, balancing viscosity, preheat, reworkability, and mechanical strength properties, allows users to perfectly match a HiTech underfill with specific device needs, optimizing high throughput assembly.

ALPHA® HiTech™ Cornerfills provide mechanical anchors to device corners to allow increased reliability when a full underfill is not needed. Stable material properties assure controlled flow to prevent contact with BGA spheres, while enabling strength and flexibility for use in graphics cards, mobile computing, automotive, and medical applications.

Outperforming competitive offerings, HiTech cornerfills maintain extremely predictable viscosity even after extended staging and temperature fluctuations.  The one-component, halogen-free epoxy formulations well-exceed industry mechanical thermal cycling standards.

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