MacDermid Alpha Introduces Die Attach, Low Temperature and Adhesive Solutions at Productronica China in Shanghai

MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a world leader in the production of electronic chemical processes and soldering and bonding materials, will be exhibiting at the Productronica China show to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai from March 20-22.

MacDermid Alpha’s Assembly division will be highlighting Silver Sintering Technology, Low Temperature Technology and Epoxy Technology at the Productronica China show.ALPHA® Argomax® silver sinter products provide a dramatic reduction in thermal resistance and inductance as well as delivering an order of magnitude increase in reliability, 30x higher than traditional solder methods, said Julien Joguet, Global Business Market Manager, Die Attach at MacDermid Alpha. The products also result in the lowest dollars per kilowatt for both silicon and wide bandgap devices with high voltages and high operating temperatures.

The ALPHA® HRL1 alloy was designed to enable near-SAC305 drop shock and improved thermal cycling performance in low temperature assemblies”, said Phua Teo Leng, Global Portfolio Manager for SMT Assembly Solutions at MacDermid Alpha. “This chemistry and alloy pairing is revolutionary as it reduces the soldering temperature required for SAC alloys by 50°C, while dramatically reducing power consumption and carbon emissions. Assemblers can now benefit from having a cost efficient, highly reliable soldering process with up to 99% less warpage and significantly fewer defects, which is truly unique”.


MacDermid Alpha

For providing a full range of electronics assembly polymers products, Alpha acquired Hi-Tech Korea Co., Ltd, a premier electronics assembly polymer and epoxy-based materials supplier last year. “Alpha is now able to serve the global electronics assembly market with new product offerings of epoxy materials under the brand name ALPHA® HiTech™.” said Jimmy Shu, Marketing Director for the Assembly division in Asia-Pacific. These products are Underfill, Cornerfill, Encapsulants, Low Temperature Adhesives, UV Adhesives and SMD Adhesives for the Mobile, Camera Modules, Automotive, LED, Consumer Goods and Industrial markets.

Semiconductor Division will focus on their complete line of formulations for semiconductor metallization, wafer interconnect and packaging, while Circuitry Division will focus on full portfolio of PCB’s processes, including PTH and microvia metallization, copper electroplating, solderable finishes and flex circuitry, offering a comprehensive approach in the expertise development of chemical solutions forming printed circuit pathways.