Documentation work with printed circuit boards doesn´t have to be a struggle

Proper viewing and documenting miniature objects, such as PCB samples, can be tricky. A digital microscope can provide a helping hand in the documentation process, making it easy for the user to save and share important work documentation.

Being able to carefully view the sample not only ensures the quality of the product by adding digital opportunities, it also enables the user to document the quality and potentially errors of the product. Furthermore, the operator is also able to save the material for future documentation history and to share the records with coworkers, management, suppliers and last but not least customers.

Using a digital microscope for documentation

When using a TAGARNO microscope for the documentation process, the documentation process is quickly performed, since the digital microscope has a camera and built-in computer, which is able to capture the image and store a large amount of photo documentation directly on the microscope. Accessing the images takes place via a computer, connected to the microscope through a LAN connection, making it simple to compare and distribute the image documentation. If preferred, it is also possible to store the image documentation directly on an USB Memory Stick.

This digitalized approach to the quality work improves both the quality of the work as well as communication between colleagues and in the supply chain, making it simple to share and explain the work.

Documentation work with printed circuit boards doesn´t have to be a struggle

The quality of the documentation matters

The microscope camera runs a 1080p (FULL HD) image quality with 30x optical zoom. The result is extremely sharp images, showing all details of the magnified object, in up to 660x on a 24” monitor. Adding a frame rate of 60 frames per second to the math, the camera in the microscope ensures that the images are truly live – without delay or interferences to the live image. Also, built-in autofocus and ultrasensitive light sensors further support the image quality with high depth of field.

The importance of creating the perfect documentation conditions

Creating the perfect conditions for the documentation work highly depends on two things: The equipment used and the effort of the operator. Linking a high quality and user friendly microscope with the right software apps and accessories, such as a right light, with a detailed oriented operator will therefore be a winning combination.


TAGARNOs digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a variety of industries worldwide. Using high-definition cameras and user-friendly software interfaces, the digital microscopes magnify and analyze objects in excellent image quality. Read more about TAGARNO