Austin American Technology to Showcase High-End Cleaning Systems at APEX

Burnet, TX – January 2020 – Austin American Technology (AAT), a leading provider of high-end electronics cleaning systems, today announced they will be highlighting their Mega® ION Solvent Cleaner in Booth #2352 at IPC APEX Expo, schedule to take place February 4-6, 2020 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

The Mega® ION is an ideal pre-conformal coat cleaner, offering multiple solvents selection, built in solvent recycling, low cost of operation, and closed-loop operation (no drains).  The built-in “ROSE” test assures every batch cleaned meets IPC cleanliness guidelines and is compatible with IPA and many other original solvents. Primary Defluxing Designed for use with many primary defluxing solvents to allow for cleaning a full range of circuit assemblies.


AAT’s  Mega ION® is compatible with multiple solvents including but not limited to DI water, water alcohol mixtures, pure alcohol, evaporative hydrocarbons (like cyclohexane) commercial solvent blends not requiring a water rinse.

This high-end system offers three programmable cycle choices. The first choice is “Wash Only” and would be used for cleaning where a ROSE Test is not required. The second choice is a “Wash” with a ROSE Test following a wash and rinse cycle. The final choice is “Test Only” which allows the operator to run a cleanliness test only which is the standard IPC ROSE Test. All cycles include a drying cycle at the end.

For more information or to see a demo, please stop by Booth #2352 at IPC APEX.  For sales or customer service, please call 512-756-4150, or visit