Analyze Sample Color Value Directly on Digital Microscope

Using an app on a digital microscope to objectively and automatically identify the average color of a sample ensures consistency during production. Letting the app perform the analysis also eliminates the subjective aspect of quality control and makes it easy to compare samples inspected by different operators.

Developed to measure color values, the Color Analyzer app from TAGARNO measures the average color value of a sample, displays all identified color values in the sample as well as previous analysis results for easy comparison between samples.

Analyze Sample Color Value Directly on Digital Microscope

Ensure high quality with automatic color analysis of sample

“We know that companies, regardless of industry, want to produce consistently high quality products. One way of ensuring that is by using the same parameters and criteria every single time to determine when a product is meeting the quality standards. With that in mind, we developed the Color Analyzer app. The app uses a set of predefined settings to analyze the colors of a sample and then lets the operator know whether the product is a go or no go, based on whether the product meets the criteria or not. That means that the evaluation of the product is done automatically by the app, which ensures consistency and objectivity,” says TAGARNO CEO, Ole Lind Terkelsen.

Create high quality image documentation

Once the analysis is done, it is easy to document the sample and analysis results. By pressing a button on a control box, a screengrab is made of what is on the monitor. The images can either be stored on an inserted USB memory stick or the internal storage of the microscope and later shared with colleagues for further discussion if needed.

Try quality control improving apps for free

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