Kurtz Ersa Inc., a leading supplier of electronics production equipment, is pleased to announce that it will exhibit with Comtree at EPTECH Winnipeg, scheduled to take place Thursday, April 20, 2023 at the Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre. Comtree representatives will discuss Ersa‘s rework, selective soldering, wave soldering and reflow equipment during the event.

Thousands of users worldwide have benefited from Ersa´s patented IR rework technology. In addition to offering an outstanding cost/price ratio, Ersa systems have established their position in the market because they continue to deliver the best results on the most challenging rework applications. The company will demonstrate some of its rework and hand soldering tools at the show.

Since their introduction into the market more than 30 years ago, Ersa reflow ovens have been setting the industry standard for high-end reflow machines. The current HOTFLOW series marks the benchmark – with 25 percent savings in total energy and 20 percent reduced N2 consumption. The flagship Ersa HOTFLOW 4/26 provides 26 zones and a process length of more than 7 meters.

Comtree represents Ersa throughout Canada. For more information about Comtree, e-mail Ernesto Provenzano at ernesto@comtreeinc.com, Graham Gibson P.Eng. at graham@comtreeinc.com, or call 905 673-7777.

For more information about Kurtz Ersa Inc., visit www.ersa.com