Aven, a full-service technology provider, announced the appointment of ARK Manufacturing Solutions, LLC as its manufacturers’ representative. Dave Murrin, president and principal owner of ARK Manufacturing Solutions, will represent Aven’s line of optical inspection equipment components in Arizona, New Mexico and Southern Nevada. 

Formerly Phoenix Marketing Representatives, ARK Manufacturing Solutions has been in business for more than 20 years, having represented some exceptional manufacturers in the electronics industry and served the finest customer base in the market.

As a result of years of comprehensive research and development, Aven has expanded its expertise in the realm of design and customized configuration of advanced video inspection systems. The company’s solution-based experts possess the ability to recommend and create complete optical systems according to customers’ needs and budgets.

One of Aven’s newest products offered by ARK is the Mighty Vue Inspector. The magnifying lamp and camera inspection system are com in one self-contained unit – allowing you to view the image directly on an HDMI monitor, capture and store images on the included microSD Card, and even connect to your PC for viewing or relocating saved images, and additional software features.

The Mighty Vue Inspector connects to HD monitors via HDMI cable or to a PC via USB. It is ideal for sharing images on a screen and finding defects in quality control.  Additionally, the ESD safe magnifying lamp dissipates electrostatic discharge.

Aven also provides a variety of ancillary services such as product assembly, custom parts and tooling, and distribution, all of which are coordinated from its Michigan headquarters. For more information, call (734) 973-0099 or email sales@aventools.com.

For more information about ARK Manufacturing Solutions’ products and services, contact Dave Murrin at (602) 684-4636.

For more information about Aven, visit www.aventools.com.

About Aven
Aven, Inc. manufactures and distributes high-performance, optical instruments and precision tools for microscopy, inspection and assembly.  A technology innovator since 1983, Aven is located in a high-tech corridor of Southeast Michigan.  Visit us online at aventools.com.