Thermaltronics USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of BRL Marketing Sales Corp., a respected organization in the Midwest, as the new rep organization for the Midwestern states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas and Iowa in the United States.

Bob Howe, Principal of BRL Marketing & Sales Corp., said, “Partnering with Thermaltronics and getting access to the range of unique “Curie Point” soldering systems and the award-winning solder robots provides his organization with the resources necessary to satisfy the growing needs of my customer base.”

Ed Zamborsky, Regional & Technical Support Manager for Thermaltronics, commented that Bob is especially excited about the solder robots because they incorporate vision, mapping and dynamic laser height control. These features are important for accuracy, repeatability and yield.

Additionally, he feels that the “dual head” operation of the robotic systems will enable 3D soldering applications to be included, which is something that other single head robotic systems cannot accomplish.

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