MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from our Circuitry, Assembly and Semiconductor divisions, will present the technical paper: “Automotive Traction Module Attach by Silver Sintering – Process, Performance & Reliability” at the 39th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology (IEMT) Conference from October 19 – 21 in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Gyan Dutt, Strategic Marketing Manager at MacDermid Alpha, will discuss the recent emergence of pressure sintered silver as the die attach material of choice over solder for power devices, especially in electric vehicle traction modules. This has led to overall inverter reliability shifting to heat sink level and triggered active investigations of silver sintering for module to heat-sink adoption. The paper will introduce the module sintering attach process with STPAK™, an advanced SiC discrete package from STMicroelectronics and its STPOWER portfolio. The presentation will showcase this high-power density, yet modular design approach for assembling next generation EV traction inverters with automotive qualified and commercially available STPAKs and silver sintering.

The ALPHA® Argomax® range of silver sinter products are designed to provide customers with superior performance for today’s stringent reliability requirements. ALPHA Argomax products offer a complete solution providing best process times and reliability and flexible, easy-to-use form factors that reduce total cost of ownership and time to market, ushering in a new era of high-performance materials.

Gyan Dutt will present the paper at 10:55 am on Thursday, October 20th in Le Méridien Putrajaya. Visit the MacDermid Alpha tabletop during the conference to discuss our range of ALPHA Argomax silver sinter products and solutions for power electronics applications.

39th International Electronics Manufacturing Technology

Topic: Automotive Traction Module Attach by Silver Sintering – Process, Performance & Reliability

Speaker: Gyan Dutt, Strategic Marketing Manager

Date/time: October 20th (Thu) / 10:55-11:20

Venue: Level 2, Gallery 8, Le Méridien Putrajaya

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