To simplify maintenance and servicing of wave soldering modules, Eutect GmbH offers a versatile service cart designed for use directly on the machine. Each service cart is tailored to specific customer modules.

The service cart introduced here is suitable for all mini wave soldering modules made by Eutect.

“The IW1 and 2 mini wave modules can be serviced on the service cart itself. Among other things, a nozzle receptacle has been integrated for this purpose, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain the solder nozzle”, explains Jürgen Seibert, responsible for service at Eutect GmbH. Once a module has been removed from the machine, it can be placed on the service cart. Thanks to the ideal height of the cart, the secured module can be serviced on site without requiring further transportation. In addition to the complete module, individual parts, such as for instance the nozzles, can also be serviced on the service platform. All necessary tools and cleaning media are located in six drawers below the platform. “This means that the operator has all tools within easy reach,” Seibert continues. The carts are adapted to the IW modules used by the customer, as is the nozzle receptacle.

In addition to maintenance, minor repairs or disassembly’s can also be carried out by a trained operator. “Our goal is to maintain a module at its place of use. This means that when maintenance is carried out by our customer, the module does not have to leave the production area, but that the module can be maintained and reconditioned on site by trained personnel,” continues Seibert. For this reason, the service cart is equipped as standard with a variety of tools and cleaning media. Where worn out or consumed, these can be replenished easily via the new Eutect GmbH online store.

Eutect offers Level 1 training for customer employees, which is conducted by Seibert and his team. “When putting the systems into service we train the employees. Additional training for new employees or more in-depth training can be ordered from us at any time thereafter”, Seibert assures. These training courses ensure that production staff can easily carry out basic maintenance in accordance with Eutect’s specifications. “Regular maintenance is absolutely necessary for a long-lasting, efficient use of our modules. But this does not mean that valuable production time is lost to the customer. With the staff training, the service cart and the tool set compiled according to our experience, we offer customers fast, professional maintenance that guarantees long-lasting and efficient use of the modules,” says Seibert.

For over 20 years EUTECT develops, manufactures, installs, and programs soldering and joining systems for customers around the world. The Swabian team of experts offers an extensive, constantly evolving module configuration kit, providing process solutions in the field of soldering.

Process-related and commercially optimal modules for the task description will be selected from a wide variety of soldering-technology process modules and combined into proven stand-alone, revolving, or inline production designs for complete solutions.

The EUTECT modular construction kit shows that a lean, individual solution can often be achieved for a customer’s product, via individual modules or free combinations of proven modules.

A technologically comprehensive and innovative EUTECT Technical Center is available to help achieve the optimal solution through evaluation or the manufacture of production-ready A-B-C prototypes.
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