Essemtec, the Swiss manufacturer of production systems for electronic assembly and packaging, announces that it will participate in a live webinar during the SMTA Boston Virtual Chapter Meeting on Tues., Nov. 10, 2020 at 12 p.m. EST. Fernando Marcos, Head of Product Management, and Irving Rodriguez, Dispensing Specialist, will present “Advancements in Solder Paste Jet Printing.“

Learn about new technology being employed to advance solder jet printing processes. Specific data will be shared in what is achievable in the realm of pad coverage and placement of small devices. This presentation is designed to expand the understanding of what is possible today as opposed to traditional screen printing. The presentation will take place in three segments.

The first segment will begin with the theory of solder paste jetting. It will cover the new technology being employed to dispense solder paste and an overview of the new valve that makes this possible. There will be a review of results that are now achievable with this technology.

The second part of the presentation will offer a live demonstration of the Essemtec solder paste jetting solution, named the Archerfish, in action. Attendees will be able to see solder paste layers converted with a Gerber file and uploaded to an Essemtec system. After the data has been uploaded and actual solder paste jetting run will be performed. Upon completion the deposited solder paste bumps will be analyzed and measured.

The final segment will offer an interactive question and answer session. For more information or to register, visit

Marcos has been the head of product management at Essemtec since 2012. He is a degreed Mechanical Engineer and completed his Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Rodriguez has been a Dispensing Specialist at Essemtec since 2019. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and his Master’s in Micro and Nanotechnology.

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About Essemtec AG

Essemtec AG is a privately held Swiss equipment manufacturer, specializing in high speed fluid dispensing as well as flexible high-mix SMT placement and storage solutions. All products are designed with the most advanced available technologies, leveraging the company’s vast equipment and process know-how gained since 1991. The value proposition offers best-in-class business solutions to enable their customers significant competitive advantages and a solid return on investment by mastering the Overall Equipment Efficiency, being possible thanks to uncompromising designs and powerful software and integration capabilities.